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Our Story

Tommy Company was founded as a legacy for Tommy. A beloved dog that became suddenly paralyzed. When Tommy became paralyzed we realized that people were not aware that dogs could live full and happy lives as disabled. Becoming part of the disabled dog community, we met so many amazing dog parents to disabled pets. We miss our Tommy everyday and wanted to keep his memory alive. Thus, marking the beginning of Tommy Company. A place to share the love and joy our dogs bring us. We cannot share Tommy physically with the world, but when we put on our Tommy shirts we feel as though we still have him in our arms.  Through Tommy Company loving dog parents can get a shirt of their pets, because honestly we all love showing off our dogs and having things that remind us of them.  

Every purchase extends Tommy’s beloved memory and 5% of every purchase is donated to charities focused on disabled pets.

For every order placed, we donate 5% of the total sale to rescues taking care of and providing medical care for disabled pets.

Design Online!

Now you can get a unique t-shirt custom with your adorable pet’s photo. Just upload your favorite photo and we’ll ship your t-shirt right to your door!

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